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Google Review

T o.

Went to get oil changed it took around 2 hours and they scratched my car! When I showed him it he told me it was there before but it I take very good car of my cars. Thanks a lot now I have to pay for a paint job.

Google Review

T a.

Very rude people we were there for 3 hours to get our tire changed. After 2 hours of waiting we asked how much longer and the practically started yelling at us. We got back our car and he didnt put the rims on properly. Honestly steer clear there are better places.

Google Review

C a.

Wish I could rate lower than 1 star. DON’T GO HERE!! Go somewhere else and get an honest mechanic not this den of liars. The owner/mana care tried to take advantage of me and told me the repair was $130 and I had to do it to pass safety. I asked him to see the part and there was nothing wrong with it. So I wanted to get a second opinion and sure enough the other mechanic agreed with me being correct. My father then called in to complain and the owner/manager of Carsup then told my dad that it was $30 fix but yet that wasn’t true. As he told me it was a $130 repair. So save yourself from dishonest repair shops and go somewhere else. Consider yourself warned.

Google Review

N a.

Before I say anything, looking at the reviews it looks like the owner asked all his relatives to put good reviews.
I had the worse experience ever, took my car to replace a part for safety, they took a wrong part and try to fit it in, ended up damaging the part and I had to fix it with another mechanic, then they charged me for the work and since I am using the car for business I needed a receipt, and you know what they refused and asked me to pay them 15$ more for just the receipt.
I was told for next time if I needed safety they can give me one without fixing the car.

Google Review

A n.

Avoid this place if you can otherwise you might get ripped off or even get the things that are working fine in your car messed up.

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