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9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Google Review

S i.

Atif is one of the best mechanics around. He’s 100% honest and never overcharges. He’ll tell you when you ACTUALLY need to replace a part instead of what I’ve heard from most other mechanics.

I knew Atif was a top notch mechanic when a young kid drove into my car and I brought it to Atif to quote the damage (it wasn’t high enough to go through insurance). The kid’s father - another mechanic - took a look at the damage in my driveway (where much of it was hidden below the car) and originally didn’t agree with the quote, but when I told him it came from Atif, he responded with, « oh yeah, he’s an honest guy. That’s fine. » When I heard the respect Atif had earned from competing mechanics, I was very impressed!

Google Review

S y.

Very non professional and dishonest person. Expensive and rude. Not going to this guy again. Very upsetting, wish could gave him 0 Stars :(

Google Review

J a.

Honest staff & professional work! Had them do my muffler, brakes & engine work. They diagnosed a major problem in no time (Toyota Dealer missed it multiple times). Thank you again for your help CARSUP!

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B o.

Great garage , they really try to be helpful and don't put you on trouble, undue pressure on you into doing more than you can afford.
They will also encourage you to look for ways to save money regular maintenance and such
They are now my go to shop for all my family vehicle repairs and maintenance.
I really recommend Carsup Automotive .

Google Review

S a.

I've brought my car Carsup Automotive a number of times for oil changes and I am always impressed by their customer service, work & transparency. The team at Carsup always go to extra mile, including the little details from washing my car and providing a comfortable waiting area, to outlining in detail services Completed both before and after work is finalized, it's rare to find a place that checks off the boxes and one you can trust - Carsup Automotive