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8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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Google Review

K u.

Extremely disappointed with my service. My oil change took over an hour even with an appointment, and they didn't ask which oil I wanted which ended up costing almost $100.

Google Review

M i.

Gone to Personal Auto 3 times now. They always have fast service, are reasonably priced, and honest. Recommended

Google Review

B o.

Love coming here as the service is always supreme at decent pricing. Always can come in on short notice and even allow dogs inside if you wanna find an excuse to bring your pup out with you.

Google Review

S u.

Lack in education. Unfortunately had to pay them for labour work to open and close my hood claiming "The part I provided was incorrect and the job could not be completed" upon mild arguing that it is correct, since I discussed it with the Honda Shop but they had no time for me, this shop claimed "The Honda Shop has no idea what they are talking about"... yet another shop was able to complete this for me. Very unimpressed with the way they handled it.

Google Review

S t.

Dean has been at Personal Auto for a number of years, both as a mechanic and now as the owner. He has a thorough knowledge of cars and does a great job of explaining repairs to common folk. My experience with him has always been positive, and I have saved a ton of headaches and money going to him. All my friends who I've referred to his shop have mentioned that their experience was great too. If you want honest work and great service, go there. Based on the infrequent repairs needed for my car, the only reason why they would be busy is because good news travels fast.