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Google Review

J o.

I have dealt with Eric, Lisa, Shawn and the crew since 2008. 2 Mercedes sprinter vans, Volvo S60 T5, Mercedes c300 and Mercedes ml350.

Service always top notch. Prices are very reasonable and fair. They are very knowledgeable and the work is excellent. Wish I lived closer to them now as I cannot find any non-dealer mechanic that I trust in my area.

Google Review

A n.

Amazing service!

They are very honest, very friendly, very reliable and are highly recommended.

Google Review

r e.

I will never bring my car to this dump again. Eric is simply someone who tries to act honest and sincere - until something doesn't go his way. I took my family's car to him to get a repair done on a horn and a simple oil change. My parents car was a GM model and was having issue. Two very good friends of mine referred me to Eric at DCH. They said he was honest, trustworthy and really would help you with your car issues. I called Eric explained the situation and said although he is a Toyota or Honda certified mechanic (from the past) he said he has worked on many Chevy vehicles and that my issues should be straight forward. Based on my friends referral and my nice conversation with Eric, I made an appointment. However during this service call/appointment, Eric was distracted with his used car business (Shipping cars to Africa.) Eric, visibly distracted, treated me and my family like garbage. He completely forgot his role as a mechanic and a car specialist and suddenly expected me to tell him how to wire the horn into the vehicle (since he was having trouble understanding how it should be connected.) Additionally he yelled at me when I reminded him that I came to him for this job and that he said he could do the wiring as it was relatively straight forward (it was just to replace the first front horn.) I understand maybe he got stumped - but he made no effort to look at manuals or do research. It was as if he had never touched or serviced a vehicle before. Flabergasted at the way I was being treated, I just told him to do what he could. He wired it in and for some reason it did not address the issue - perhaps the part wasn't right or whatever. At this point, frustrated and not getting any advice from Eric (since he was distracted with his African car sale) I just paid whatever I owed him and left. I will never go back to DCH Auto for any Car related service or business ever again. Eric is extremely unprofessional and has no interest in servicing your vehicle. In fact he probably will only have interest if you buy a used car through him and therefore he can profit off the used car sale along with the services he provides. If you are not buying a car from him, I would never advise anyone to go this shop. If I could give this place half a star or zero, I would. Simply a horrible experience. Your mileage may vary - hopefully you have a better experience than I.

Google Review

C H.

Good work and nice people.

Google Review

M i.

I have dealt with DCH for about 5 years now. They are by far the best shop I ever been to. They are honest, kind, affordable, and offer fantastic customer service. I highly recommend this shop.

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