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Google Review

G a.

What a unique, excellent and honest place!!!! Wow...thanks so much!!!!
We had to change the rear breaks and very soon the front ones as everywhere between 300-450$ range on an infinity fx 35/pairs.
My husband brought the vehicle to this place today. Before they even started anything, car have been inspected, and whoever said breaks needs to be changed, was extremely wrong!!! (well tried to make some extra money, not surprised)
...only pads needed to be changed on the car, BUT all 4 pieces! (pads are relatively cheaper than the whole breaks and pads combo)
Peter assured my husband, that was absolutely unnecessary, and waisted money to change anything else, and did the job in a hour, also provided my husband with an excellent price!!!
Very difficult these days to find mechanics like Peter and his crew!!! Job was well done, and quickly, as well with warranty. You can't find better anywhere else!!! We will be back!!!
Highly, highly recommend this shop!!!

Google Review

A d.

Peter is very honest, reliable , his other mechanic has excellent knowledge of work he has done job many times. I still come from Cambridge to get my car fixed. They are great :)

Google Review

A n.


Google Review

B r.

Peter does excellent work and are honest and straightforward in all dealings I’ve had.

Google Review

c e.

Amazing service!! Peter is great! :)