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Google Review

H a.

I have never been inclined to write a review before. However, I was APPALLED and FURIOUS by the way I was treated when I took my SUV for detailing. After paying for the detailing service, I went to put my daughter into my car to go home. However, as I was reinstalling her carseat, I noticed that although my car overall “looked” like it was wiped down, there were many areas of my car was not cleaned. I found a Goldfish cracker next to my son’s car seat (which was not removed to clean under it – even though he said they did and reinstalled it for me out of generosity – WHICH IS A COMPLETE LIE!! – THERE IS STILL DIRT AND CRUMBS UNDER THE SEAT), a blade of grass in the front console, sand in my trunk, water marks on the front arm rest, caked on dust on the seat adjustment handle, just to name a few. When the guy behind the desk came out to see my car, he accused me of planting the Goldfish intentionally, he said that the blade of grass must have flown into my car while the car door was open, and the caked on dust was also from the door being open. As for the water marks and other stains still in the car, he said that I must have made those stains in the 5 minutes since receiving my keys. I was FLOORED when he accused me of such dishonesty. He also said that they use strong chemicals to clean, and some stains just didn’t come out (even though I was able to rub it off with my bare finger in his presence). His explanation for the dirt and sand in my car was that some sand doesn’t come out. He also said that I shouldn’t be expecting 5 star service for the $130+tax that I had paid him. I felt completely DISRESPECTED when I was accused of planting dirt in my car in the mere 5 minutes from the moment he gave me my keys, to me going back in to complain. There are many competitors in the area that do detailing in the area. This is NOT the place you want to be taking your car! The photos that I’ve attached were taken in the parking lot the moment I got back my keys.

Google Review

z i.

Excellent experience, professional mechanic, highly recommend for daily maintenance, modification even auti detailing.

Google Review

H e.

Although I have not yet had work done here as of yet, I had a very good experience with their sales team. Yi was very helpful, and answered all my questions promptly, and also offered alternatives for parts I wanted. I recommend giving them a shout if you require parts for your car.

Google Review

M a.

Eason was very friendly and helpful on the phone and at the shop. Went to get an Invidia R400 system installed on the Type R and they did a great job.

Google Review

Y u.

I have been here many times. Professional service. Reasonable price. Good place you should go.

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