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At Farid's Auto Centre, we take auto repair and customer service seriously. We are one of the few independent repair shops that have been in business for 30+ years. Whether you have a complete transmission rebuild or just need a quick oil and filter change, we will treat your vehicle as our own. We will make sure that the work we do exceeds your expectations from a Mississauga repair shops.

As the best auto repair company in town, we are equipped and ready to handle all your repair and maintenance needs. Our top of the line equipment will have your vehicles problem diagnosed accurately.

For all types of auto repairs, call and experience the best team in town!

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8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
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Google Review

K o.

Took my 07 to Farids Auto Centre to get and oil change and get my heater looked at. Completely honest guys. Did not even charge me to fix the heater as it was just a heater hose plugged. Would not hesitant to ever go back here. 10/10 highly recommend.

Google Review

g i.

After telling me I needed a new intake manifold and charging $983 for it, my car was still making the same noise I had brought it in for.

The day after Farid's worked on it, it also began dripping oil on the driveway. He told me I needed the main seal replaced and charged over $1400. The car was still making the same noise.

Farid's also charged over $400 to change a headlight! Farid showed me they had removed the entire bumper to get to the headlight and when I argued the price, he said, 'You sat here, you know how long it took'. I confirmed later with VW that they only had to loosen the bumper. It took Farid's over two hours and they made me pay for their inexperience! Even the dealership only charges $238.

The only reason I went here was because CARHELP Canada recommended them! CP24 should be informed that the people they host are crooks.

Google Review

c a.

Farid is a bully who's primary concern is getting as much money out of you as possible! No integrity or honesty.

Follow up to owner's response: Using an alias when making my point doesn't make my complaint any less valid. Furthermore, while looking up my file will illustrate the numerous miscellaneous charges that appear to have nothing to do with the repairs, it won't show that you were rude and aggressive to my wife when she suggested another mechanic looked at the vehicle and stated repairs were needed for something you just charged me $2,000 to fix only weeks ago.
In addition to that I was forced to walk from the car rental office to your shop due to a disagreement you obviously had with them about where the car should be dropped off.
Doing business with you is sketchy and unpredictable.

Google Review

N i.

Honest straight forward and no games. Great prices that are much better than the dealer.

Google Review

C l.

Good mechanics seems honest

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