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Google Review

M u.

Purchased a car here and couldn't be more happier. Fayez offered me a killer price (including registration and sales tax). As well as proving the brakes were brand new.

I've had the car for about four year now and have had no major issues. You cannot beat the service and price at Hensall Auto. I've completed all my maintenance here and have recommended many friends and family.

One instance, I had to replace a bad wheel bearing. I was recommended by Fayez to choose the bearing with two year warranty. After a year and 10 months, I came in with a loud howling from the same side. After inspecting the car, they found it to be the same bearing that went bad (proven by the loud noise it was making, as well as the wobbling that it had). It was covered under warranty. Glad I relied upon the expertise of this shop.

These guys are honest and will tell you necessary maintenance to complete as soon as possible or if it can hold off till the next service. Their prices are reasonable and they stand behind their work.

Will personally stand by this shop, the work they do, and their service.

Google Review

N e.

A family owned place that can handle 2 cars at a time. Reasonable charge.

The owner, Resty, gives advise on how to maintain the car which is an extra value for a customer like me.

Google Review

K u.

Really Bad service. I went there twice for wheel alignments. They couldn’t do it properly. I do not recommend this place if you really need proper and nice work to be done.

Google Review

K h.

Excellent dedicated and trust worthy staff, great and efficient service, very informative staff, cost and value for money.
Highly recommended to get your car repaired with fast service.

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D a.

Been here for emergency and maintenance work. They were very thorough every time and were able to fix problems that my dealership couldn't figure out. Upfront with costs and clear about what needs to be done.

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