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Google Review

J o.

I recently visited Hensall Auto for for Alignment on my pickup truck. They did an EXCELLENT JOB ! I initially went there for an alignment and he advised not to do so because some components would make it senseless. Appreciated, that he did not just do the alignment and take the money and not say anything. I then brought my truck to my mechanic to change the parts then I proceeded with going BACK to Hensall Auto and he got it perfect.

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D .

I recently had a tire replacement and wheel alignment done here for a great price and top notch service. I believe his name was Sairum who was very accommodating in setting up my appointment while offering much needed advice for tires and answered my many questions.
Upon arriving there, the mechanics were quick with the tire change and wheel alignment. During the repairs they found that there was play in my wheel bearings, and were very transparent in letting me see the problem myself.
Having a long drive in a few days I was really appreciative of them spotting and fixing the issue that could have been a safety concern.
Overall I would recommend this place for their fast, reliable service and repairs, that are all done for reasonable prices.

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A b.

I have been going to this shop for the last 4 years and I have such a high trust level in them that I literally drop my car off and leave to do whatever I need to do. Knaan, Fayez, and the other mechanics are so honest, fair, and professional that you are often amazed when you see what you owe just knowing that it could easily be double or triple at bigger name shops. I leave money and valuables in the car, I don't need to carefully watch and pray that they aren't taking advantage of me, and I have peace of mind knowing that the car will be good as new once they are done with it. Highly recommend this place to anyone - get a quote or give them a shot, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain. Thanks Hensall Team!

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E a.

My Honda Accord had engine light on and there was one cylinder stopped working. I went there they diagnosed and said they can fix it and agreed the price. After few hours waiting there office they came out and said they have done the job and changed the parts. They charged me $340 for the repairs and said your engine is gone and needs to be replaced. The repair cost will be very high. I don't understand why they said they can repair it and charged me for nothing. I paid the money and took the car and I found that they ruined the engine completely. I took it to another workshop to show the engine and they diagnosed it and said I have to change the engine and they charged me only $30. Finally I found out an engine replacing workshop and changed the engine for $1300 including everything. If you have any major work on your car please do not use Hensall Auto. They can do only small jobs. I do not recommend this place. I don'd understand how people put 5 star.

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j o.

This is one of the best shop in Mississauga hands down. Great rates and great staff