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Google Review

W a.

Reliable and honest work. I recently changed my mechanic and I’m glad I found this place. The owner himself is very courteous and competent with his work.

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u m.

Good service, great price. Honest work.

Google Review

S a.

I've been with them for years and all in all the experience has been good, until last year there came a new technician. This young Chinese has an attitude that is totally different from other technicians who have been there for years.

I went there for snow tires changing and also for some light rattling noises from underpin. When he drove my car out and told me the noise had been caused by a loosen heat shield and he threw it away and the noise was gone. When I asked if he could had tightened the shield or if I could take a look at it, he simply said noway to tighten and repeated it had been threw away. He said the shield had no use anyways.

The next day I noticed my steering wheel was not straight and this was the first time it was not straight, so I went back to Flomax to ask that guy. He hitched up the car, did something and gave it a drove around and told me the car needed wheel alignment. It may be a coincidence, but since this just happened right after the tire change, I did have something to suspect here.

That was a very busy 2:25 PM,and Steve was just starting to eat his lunch while answering the phone, so I didn't complain to him. However, this year I may bring my cars to another mechanic as I don't like this individual technician to work on my cars. When I talked about this with my friends I was not surprised that two of them actually also had the unpleasant experiences with the same guy and since decided to go somewhere else.

It's a pity. Hope Steve can do something on this to get clients back.

Google Review

R a.

Body repairs to detailing and total repairs, good guys.

Google Review

M e.

Cheap prices yes, but their work and attitude definitely reflects that

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