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Google Review

r d.

I am so very happy that Mike has come back to the local Toronto area to serve us once again! I purchased my first car from Mike about 9 years ago. After talking to him about the car for about 10 minutes and him saying to me, "A person cannot go wrong when they buy a car from me" and I interpreted that to mean that he was a person to take pride in principles and honesty.

Soon after, Mike opened a business and named it "Loyal King", which was a reflection of his benevolent beliefs and his loyalty in his heart towards people in the affairs of doing business with them. He wanted people to know that a name is just not a name but it represents the core aspects and values of who you are and what you stand for.
Loyal King thrived until his partner had an accident one day that led to a fire. Unfortunately, the fire resulted in the business being significantly damaged. Mike worked diligently and moved on.

Recently, Mike opened this new business and he named it "Principle Auto", another reflection of his valued beliefs that are firmly imbedded and based upon the good-natured person he is as a human being. For me to actually write about the numerous respectful business experiences I had as a customer personally at his auto shop and the ones I observed him provide to other customers, would actually result in being a small novel.

With all honesty, it really does touch my heart to know that there sincerely are good people in this world who go far out of their way to help their fellow man and woman, and fellow customer because they truthfully believe in treating all customers good and that treating people good with honesty and respect, is the first principle in life!

In ending, you now know why Mike named the company “Principle Auto”! It stands for what he believes in and the way he deals with customers and people in general, every day of his life!

Google Review

M e.

I bought a car from these guys and drove it out to Nova Scotia 2 days after I had picked it up. I had ZERO problems on the drive out, and had no problem at all getting it inspected and registered out here! Very fair price and they took really good care of me knowing I was moving out to NS. Highly recommend!!

Google Review

S a.

Bought a Honda Civic couple weeks ago for a good price from this dealership after a negative experience with another dealer. With my limited knowledge of cars and the industry more generally, I appreciated the patience and honesty of the staff at Principle Auto. Have already referred my cousin to this dealership to get a car! Thanks Principle Auto!

Google Review

N e.

Worst dealership. I bought a used car from here and they gave me a fake safety certification. Not even three days later the cars wheel locked on the road while I was driving. Had to pay out of pocket for the tow. The car also had a non functional windshield fluid pump (which automatically doesn’t pass safety standards). Having the car for a little over a month and it spent over 3 weeks at their dealership getting 'repairs'. They will lie to you about everything and act as if they didn’t do anything wrong. Had a major engine oil leakage (oil pump + crank seal leak). Beware of buying a car from here. Just giving a heads up so no one gets scammed like me.

Google Review

M i.

Saw a car on cargurus that was at this lot. I sent a request for more info and received response back promptly. Booked a test drive. Got there only to be told car was gone, but a similar model and year with upgraded trim was available at same price. Took a test drive. I didn't buy car but I will say that Yousef presented himself well, and I felt I was being shown an honest bill of goods, nothing shady about it at all.

Verified Review

Kerry S. - 2008 Nissan Altima