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8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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E m.

I love this place, I bought my first car here and got a great price on it, prices on all the cars here are better than anything I could find online. Mike hid nothing from me when checking out the vehicle before purchase, showed me the whole body, engine, put it on a lift and prepared the car for safety and certification (New brakes, tires, etc) and registered everything. Shopping here I had peace of mind and never had to worry about what kind of car I was buying. Thank you so much Mike and everyone at Principle Auto!

Google Review

F i.

Very happy with my new purchase of 2007 matrix. I came here with pastor yohnathan recommendation and they were able to find me a car within my budget.
Very happy with their approach and final pick up of my car!
Thanks guys

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C r.

I purchase first and second cars, they are in good condition, new brakes and engine and great prices. Thank you Mike and Dushy for helping us. I recommend you guys to family and friends.

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j u.

I bought our first car in Canada here. The price was fair. It has worked perfect, even we have done the oil changes with them . The owner Mike and the sales person Dusy are such a nice persons. I really recommend them

Google Review

A d.

I would never buy a car here. Here are all the red flags that stopped me.
1) most of their cars have low mileage for their age
2) looking at the pictures alone you can see that a lot have been repaired from accidents (look at paint between doors and fenders)
3) too many reviews of 5 stars all from within a year and all buying first cars and some even say they had to go back and get a fix soon after buying
4)the current 1 star reviews point to other issues such a vehicle liens
5) their Oshawa location by the same name has the same review situation

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