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P .

Called Manzel Auto Service distressed because my car was making some noises and Shawn from my clever imitation said: It sounds like your cylinder needs to be replaced. He was right! Since I haven't seen him for more than a year he took a good look at my car and recommended to do a tune up, to get 2 winter tires, changed the oil and said: Now your car is ready for the winter!
Most of the times he will give you two options: a cheaper one with used parts or a more expensive option with original parts. It is up to you to make the right choice and if in doubt, rest assured that Shawn will help you decide.
I can only say Shawn restores the faith in mechanics: he is reliable, knowledgeable, punctual and most of all honest. He practices EXCELLENCY, and I can only highly recommend Manzel Auto Service to anyone who needs to be reminded that honest mechanics do exist!!!

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P T.

I have come to Manzel Auto Service twice for exhaust/muffler repairs. The first time was many years ago (10?) when I brought my Jeep in. I had several quotes from other repair shops that wanted to replace the entire exhaust system. At Manzel they were able to patch the damaged (noisy) portion at a fraction of the cost. I came back a second time in the last month or so, and they were able to again fix the damaged portion of my exhaust on my Civic, without replacing the whole thing. It was the same mechanic both times. I respect the fact that the mechanic was able to fix what was broken, and not try to upsell me. Thanks for your quick and honest service.

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J u.

Very honest place to bring and fix your car, Shawn the mechanic is very honest and very professional

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R u.

My friends, finding a trustworthy reliable and knowledgeable mechanic who is not greedy and is super honest is something impossible to find now a day.
As a single female visiting a mechanic shop could be breaking your wallet and also be severely devastating because they know that we (females) know less about cars therefore so many unnecessary parts will be replaced under the "must be done" tactic.
Manzel Auto has been my trusted mechanic shop since 2004.
This auto shop is a very PROFESSIONAL, HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, CONSIDERATE, PUNCTUAL and CARING mechanic/auto shop ever.
I highly recommend Manzel Auto.

Miss. Rudy T

Google Review

R o.

I had a problem with my Honda Civic where the input shaft bearing in the transmission was making noise. Since this was a big job the clutch had to be replaced as well.

Mr. Transmission quoted $1000 for the repair.
SuperiorTire quoted $740.
Manzel Auto $670

I did the repair with Manzel auto since I trusted Shawn with my vehicle and met him through a referral. He replaced the clutch and called it a day. I told him he had not fixed the problem. He then told me, my car had 2 noises. I told him that the other guys were going to do the complete job and he overcharged me for the repair. He was very unprofessional and said the other guys don't know what they are doing. Yelling and telling me it's BS.

He then offered to put some thick oil in the transmission to try to get rid of the noise. I did not accept that.

Then he wanted to charge me $500 for a used transmission + $250 in labour. I did not accept that.

1 month later, he charged me $400 for a used transmission with no labour. I simply gave up on this dishonest mechanic.

Conclusion: I was referred to Shawn by my manager where I work. He not only lost me as a customer but 5 guys from our office.

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