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8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Google Review

H a.

Excellent service with fair price - since 4 years me and my family never had an issue with their services - very supportive in emergency - you can drop you vehicle & key at night, level a message about the issue then you take it back repaired in the afternoon. They’ve innovative solutions not just simply change parts.

Google Review

D e.

Had to take my car there 5 times!! First they installed a replacement part, an oxygenator, so they said. Had to bring it back to be coded. Took it back again because my "Service Engine Soon" light came back on. Had to bring it back again for them to check their work. They came out and told me the part was actually recalled by Nissan and that I had to contact them. Find out from Nissan that there are no outstanding recalled parts due on my vehicle. Brought it back again to have the part replaced. The auto dealer I bought my car from delivered the replacement part to the mechanic while I was there waiting AGAIN! They told me that they replaced the "sensor" This is new. Not knowing anything about mechanics I thought they replaced the wrong part the first time and now it will finally stop my check engine light from coming back on. WRONG! Now I'm told that I now had to have the sensor coded by Nissan. Take it to Nissan to have coded. Still the check engine light came back on. Took it back to Nissan only to find out the mechanic installed a cheap Chinese version that could not be coded by Nissan. Probably provided by the place I purchased the car from, but they still installed it. Not only that, but now two sensors needed to be replaced because it took so long to have the first sensor installed AND that it would cost just under $1,000 before tax to fix it by Nissan!!!

Google Review

S h.

My family has been coming to Mina for years and have always offered us the fairest pricing and work has always been timely. Since moving to Oakville, we have tried a few different mechanics in the area and our experience with Mina was the best.

Google Review

A b.

This place is not as you imagine! It is good looking place but bad managment, you think that you will have a good experience but in fact its just normal as any other low level restaurant.
Service and food is normal no need to come to this place to get this type of service, you can spend it in any other restaurant with cheaper prices.

Google Review

A n.

Fast and amazing repair. Multiple other repair shops had a trouble finding the source of whining noise and quoted unrelated expensive repairs.
Mo was able to identify and repair the issue fast and for a very good price.

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