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Google Review

L e.

Absolutely brutal service. He makes you think he's giving you a good price but it's because he's not fixing anything. I don't know if it's intentional malice or just incompetence.

Our car was taken in for repairs. $500 and the car had to go back within an hour. A couple of days later, it wound up in the shop again. $1200 for a repair this time.

He told us it was ok to pay in installments. Reluctantly we agreed to the repair.

Less than a week the same problem. This time, it was going to be $900. At this point I was done with this place.

We took it to a buddy's mechanic and within a half hour they had diagnosed the problem. It was an electrical problem. A $30 fuse needed to be replaced.

Almost $2000 down the drain for nothing.

Whether it's intentional or not, this is not the guy trust with your car.

Google Review

S a.

After speaking to Sean again he took responsability for the car he sold me and wanted to make things right by fixing the car and making sure it would be safe for me to drive. It is running now and when It gave me problems again he gave me a rental car so that I could still get to work everyday. Even though the car he sold me gave me alot of stress and issues he still made it his priority to fix it. The car now is running but is leaking from the roof everytime it rains, but it isnt a brand new car or anything so I dont expect it to be perfect. I can say that sean sticks to his word.

Google Review

c h.

Scam dont buy cars here. nor have them fixed

Google Review

J e.

Promised a price and when went to go pay told us another price!!


Google Review

S r.

Good place to get your car fixed

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