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Google Review

A n.

Owner is a solid guy. Cares about his customers and is loyal. Bedn going to him for years and trust his advice and work.

Google Review

S o.

The owner Sawas is the best you can find for any problem with any performance car and very well priced. I've been going to him last 15 years.

Google Review

N o.

All fix auto provided outstanding service which was both timely and affordable. I was Late picking up the vehicle but Sean was there and came back to make sure i got the vehicle back . Very happy with the results and made a huge difference in performance. he checked in the following day as well to ensure the car was running properly and I was satisfied with the work .great customer care.

Google Review

I .

Avoid this place at all costs. If there was a zero star rating he would get a -5. The owner Sean Dan will rip you off plain and simple. And the funny thing is he isn't even a mechanic. Claims to be a licenced auto mechanic but ask him any in depth mechanical questions and he would be lost....I was told he paid someone to write his mechanic's licence. That's how he got it! This is a dishonest shop owner and will stop at nothing to rip you off. Beware world!!

Google Review

L e.

Absolutely brutal service. He makes you think he's giving you a good price but it's because he's not fixing anything. I don't know if it's intentional malice or just incompetence.

Our car was taken in for repairs. $500 and the car had to go back within an hour. A couple of days later, it wound up in the shop again. $1200 for a repair this time.

He told us it was ok to pay in installments. Reluctantly we agreed to the repair.

Less than a week the same problem. This time, it was going to be $900. At this point I was done with this place.

We took it to a buddy's mechanic and within a half hour they had diagnosed the problem. It was an electrical problem. A $30 fuse needed to be replaced.

Almost $2000 down the drain for nothing.

Whether it's intentional or not, this is not the guy trust with your car.