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Google Review

N e.

A true honest gentleman who warranties all his work.
I highly recommend.

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F a.

Abdul Rasheed bhai is a good mechanic.

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a b.

Quick service, gave options , no pressure

Google Review

A m.

Best mechanic in town. We have been going to him for a long time even before they moved to Pickering. Quality work, and very fair charges! I highly recommend.

Google Review

S o.

Updated review - This shop and owner definitely deserve a 1 star not a 5 star. Had new pads, rotors and calipers installed almost a year ago and have had problems since day 1. Brakes were over heating, making abnormal noises and were never quite right. I left the car on a number of occassions with the shop owner, each time he only found "fault" in the parts I provided - I don't think he even bothered to look into the cause of the problems. I gave him many opportunities to figure out the issue, but the cause was always the parts I provided!

Fast forward 10 months to June 2019, I decided to pull apart the brakes myself and what do you know....cause of the problem was a siezed caliper pin as a result of pure negligence by the shop owner. No silicone grease was applied to one of the pins causing the brakes to stick. How can a licensed mechanic forget such a pivotal part of doing a brake job correctly? See pictures attached.

Mistakes happen and I can accept that if ownership was taken and an offer to fix the issue was made..however I have yet to hear back from the owner a week after reaching out to him with pics and details of the issue. Stay away from this shop, not an honestly run business!