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9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Google Review

A l.

Very nice and pleasant guy to go to for your vehicle problems, He gives all his honest opinion about your car and the work needs to be done to it. He is also reasonable when it comes to fees and money!
Great experience to work with him! If you want to feel relax and comfortable with your car fixing process, I highly recommend Gor and his auto mechanic shop!!

Google Review

J o.

The mechanic here is a great guy and always treats my vehicles well. I drive all the way from bradford to have him look at any issue.

Google Review

M a.

Goradz is great!

Google Review

B a.

Located on the back streets in Richmond Hill GT Precision Auto is a jewel among the crooked auto shops on Enford Rd! How many shops can you talk to and get an honest review and diagnostic of the problems, Never a need to go to the dealer anymore and get hosed or up-sold by useless Service Advisers who have quotas set by management to push and sell/replace stuff you don't really need.
Always Fair prices and as mentioned backed up by himself after you leave. Although Gor runs the shop solo, I have never found a time where he was not busy enough to squeeze you in for something or free honest advice to talk. A man of his word where phone calls and hand shakes still work to get stuff done. His quotes and responses are fast as well! Happy to add to your growing reviews after 3 years of servicing my Bat-mobile! ! Keep up the great work Gor!

Google Review

M .

Appreciate the honesty from Gorazd - I can trust in not getting scammed. Also, always quick service with fair prices.