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Google Review

Z a.

Alex is the absolute best mechanic that there is around. I have been bringing my cars to him for 6 years now. He has done all my engine repairs, exhaust work, brakes, oil changes, tire changes. I could not be more happy with his service. He always charges me extremely fair prices on labour and parts. The job always gets done fast. I have never had a single problem after he fixed one of my vehicles and he NEVER comes to me with bogus charges. He never gives me a list of 200 things to fix. Only what is required for maintenance and what ACTUALLY needs to be repaired. I wish there was more honest mechanics and businesses like auto experts out there. If you are in Richmond hill, you are insane if you do not bring your vehicle to auto experts. I have referred a-lot of my friends and family to auto experts, and they are also very satisfied. I have family that lives downtown Toronto and they come all the way up to Richmond hill just to service there cars here. Thank you alex for all of the help fixing my cars and I will continue to be back for years to come. This google review was long overdue.

Google Review

B o.

Hate it when my car runs into proplems that I myself cannot fix, because dealing with mechanics is simply the worse, you will never know if your being lied to and there is nothing you can do about it especialy if you lack the basic fundamentals about your car such as myself.

Cannot speak for everyone but in my experience I'm so happy I found Auto Experts and decided to go check them out the next time my car needed attention.

They were professional but not uptight, very knowledgeable but very humble they don't even have a website yet they are very busy. I was dealing with a severe engine problem that took the whole day for them to fix. And they had it fixed exactly at the promised time. And I was so happy as soon as I turned on the ignition as i can tell right away that the problem has been fixed. The bill was great especially knowing how big the problem was and that it was properly fixed.

I can finally say that I have my own mechanic to go to and recommend others.

Google Review

I r.

They are real experts. Have been using this auto repair company for more than 12 years now and have not had any complain, only thanks. Perfect quality and good prices. Thank you Alex and the team!

Google Review

d a.

I have a BMW 528XI and I had been referred to Alex and AUTO EXPERTS via an insurance broker. I was at the end of my rope because I was misdiagnosed by another garage who stated that my transmission needed to be replaced! NOT ONLY did Alex and his team assuage my fears, but because they have the proper equipment, proper experience and proper skill, they uncovered the TRUE issue and fixed it. BUT not only that, they provided me with an honest explanation of their work and an HONEST quote. They even fixed a muffler issue I wasn't aware of for FREE! WHO CAN SAY THIS ABOUT THEIR MECHANIC? Before you pay for a fix, ask Alex for a 2nd quote, or just go there. His service is PRICELESS and because of that they have retained a customer for life.
Thank you for your expertise!

Google Review

J o.

Decent prices and easygoing service. I probably would avoid buying parts from here as I was recommended a brake pad brand I never heard of. Was told they sell that brand at the Audi dealership. When I called the Audi dealership 5 minutes later, they said "Uh...we only sell original Audi parts...". Shop around, bring your own parts and then have them install it.

Verified Review

Tristan R. - 2011 BMW 328i xDrive