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Google Review

D u.

Well I blew the fuse on my cigarette lighter I thought I would just go in and have them change the fuse. Very long wait. They did something with the fuses they messed up the computer in my car. Car wouldn't even start after can you mute the shifter. So we push the car out of the shop and I had to pay $110 you get it towed to a better mechanic that knows what he's doing. Took 2 days without a car new mechanic discovered when they check the fuse they pulled out my echo fuse and another fuse to the ignition I believe. And they did not replace it. I seen these games before on TV nothing wrong with a car they pull out a couple little pieces and try to have you come back for expensive repairs. He said he could have did it two days later on Monday. I didn't want to leave it there because he actually told me if I speak too much twice he told me that I don't normally post but there it is I think he was trying to burn me. Just to add to my review couple hours later after I just picked up my car from a real auto mechanic. Anyway Civic auto they pulled out two main fuses in the front and did not put them back in was totally messed up my computer. 100% convinced that they purposely left these two fuses out so I have to go back Monday and pay them lots of money for repairs. Convinced they know what they're doing do not go to this place they're the ones you hear about on the news

Google Review

J a.

I visited here with my brother's car for safety inspection and i they said you need brakes and rotora change first before safety...
Then i checked price with contacts and other auto part shops, very reasonable price, fast service.. for any urgent mechanical work..

Google Review

S a.

Best place to get your vehicle fix. Very reasonable price, best mechanic and best service.

Google Review

A t.

Excellent job done for my car. Highly recommended if you are not so sure where to get your car fixed. Will be coming back for sure from now on.

Google Review

P r.

Completely frauds.Scamming people.Gone worh 120$ estimates .Came up with 408$ Bill in total..Never suggest to go.Car have the same problem again