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K i.

Mo is a knowledgeable, honest and very humble mechanic who goes above and beyond in solving his customer's inquiries. Lloyd (Mo's assistant) always gets the job done in a timely manner. His service fees are very low compared to other shops in the downtown core for the following services I have had: oil change, break replacement, tire installation and many more. Mo is experienced in servicing all vehicle grades, from Honda to BMW. I always recommend Mo to my friends for their servicing needs and highly recommend anyone to visit Gerrard Auto Repair Centre to get their vehicle fixed/serviced. Thank you for serving the community for over 25 years!

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B i.

Great service and experienced auto technician

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P h.

Mo is one of the most honest and fair mechanics I've ever had. He goes out of his way to find the most reasonable fix possible. I highly recommend his shop.

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D a.


Went to this store due to it being close and I wanted to try a local mechanic. The starter of my car broke so I got the car towed here. I asked the mechanic/owner what the problem was but they weren't sure so I asked them to call me BEFORE they do any work so I can get a quote. But they told me since it was late it wouldn't be possible til the next day (which is understandable).

I called them the next day around 12pm to touch base with them and see where things are going but the owner said they haven't found the problem yet and would CONTACT me after they found it to give me the run down and cost for the repair. Instead they just do the repair WITHOUT my consent and left me with a ridiculous bill for a "genuine" honda starter ($500 +) which I later found out from my regular family mechanic that it's a refurbished one.

Never had a mechanic fix a vehicle without speaking with the customer first regarding the issue. Definitely try to pull a fast one to scam me and make a quick buck.

Google Review

I s.

MO is such a great guy. He really saved the day for me when my car broke down at work. Amazing service you won't get at a dealer. Fast and a good price.