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Google Review

D a.

My mother had used Spotless Auto a few times to get her car repaired and always spoke highly of the company. She suggested to me that I bring my car there the next time I need maintenance or repair done to my car. I brought my Hyundai Genesis Sedan there and was helped by Steve. I regret not knowing about this place years ago.
I had such a great experience, Steve is a great guy,honest, and a true professional. He will definitely go above and beyond for you. I will be recommending this shop to anyone looking for good quality and affordable car service or repair.

Google Review

K e.

I bought a truck from spotless a few years ago great family to deal with. The fuel pump went after the warranty ran out and they split the cost with me and did the install
A year later I had another issue and called to see what they would charge and they said it was something that they didn't do but sent me to a shop that was amazing and did it cheaper than everyone else
If you see a bad review don't believe it
Trust me
Ps. Still have the truck and now my son drives it and he loves it

Google Review

A n.

My review has been deleted, so I am reposting it for this business. Bought a car a few years ago. Just a few days into getting it, I learned that It had a timing chain issue. Got that repaired 7 weeks later, then a couple of weeks after that the engine blew up. Had a warranty, so some things were covered. This car ended up costing me over $10,000 out of pocket for repairs. It wasn't a pleasant experience.
This review is submitted on Sept 12, 2020. Google Review #66. How many positive reviews will pop up after this, and how badly will they kick me while I'm down?

Google Review

K e.

I bought a car that he certified himself. After two hours of highway driving (so approximately 10 shifts in gear). The transmission died. I mention 10 shifts because when I called to see what he would do, he said that the car was perfect and it must have been my driving.

My mechanic showed me why any mechanic would know this transmission was at the end of life. He also showed me that the brakes were hacked at and were dangerously close to falling apart.

After putting in thousands of dollars the car runs well. No thanks to this shady, shameful dealership.

Now, three years later a Facebook post reminded me of this. They have just replied that they were not made aware, but that is not true. They were called even before I called CAA. He spoke to me like a child, blamed me. I called multiple times afterward and he only said he would do anything if OMVIC made him. I was going to make a claim with OMVIC, but by the time I was able to get the car home it was winter. Then I just dealt with it in the spring. Terrible service and now outright lies.

Google Review

C h.

Thank you for the Interior and exterior detailing job. It looks brand new. I can now sell my car. Talk to Steve! He knows what you need to get the job done.