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Google Review

M a.

Took my vehicle here for an exhaust repair and what sounded like a squeaking pulley that should have cost at the most $500 to $700... Ended up costing over$1700 because while repairing the exhaust, the rack and pinion was damaged. Paid for the repair without question or complaint. After picking up vehicle an electronic stability control fault light was on the dash. When I called to tell them about it I was told it was already on when I brought it there (it was not). Brought it back to them and told them I wanted the light cleared. Was called shortly later and told that my old battery (battery was not old) was the problem and that it was showing a low voltage and that was the reason for the fault but I was told they were able to clear the fault. I picked up the vehicle for a second time and tested the battery myself. It was in perfect health and I was able to find the warranty for the battery showing it was only 3 years old. Fault light came back on after 10 minutes of driving the vehicle. Also heard the squeaking on a pulley still. Returned vehicle to the shop now for a 3rd time and told them the light was still on, squeaking was still there, and my tests on battery along with the warranty showed that the battery was not old or in bad condition. Shortly after that I was called and told the truck was fixed again and ready and that the fault had been fixed this time. Picked up truck for a 3rd time. Weeks later I still heard a squeaking pulley and when running my cabin fan from outside air an exhaust smell was in the cabin. At this point I was hesitant to take the vehicle back to them. I took the vehicle to another mechanic and it was found to have a bunch of issues, most likely from the repair at ashbridge auto service. Protective covers(shoes) over parts of the rack and pinion were not secured and had been letting salt and debris into sensitive areas, the squeaking was the water pump and had needed to be replaced, and the worst and most dangerous thing was the exhaust smell was because the air filter hose box was completely dislodged from the engine and fumes from the engine were being sucked right into the cabin intake. Not sure I need to write anything else here. I would like to reiterate that I did not complain at all about cost or try to haggle for a better deal. This is a company vehicle and I was not paying the bill from my own pocket. I only wanted the work done properly and without the need of multiple visits or excuses. Unfortunately that's not the experience I had.

Google Review

S h.

Ashbridge Auto has moved!

On the same street, different building. 80 Ashbridge Circle, Unit 3. The new signs are up. Come see the new shop - big and bright!

And yes, I take all my vehicles there; past and present. I've been taking my vehicles to Ashbridge for the last 20+ years, leased and purchased. Ashbridge keeps your vehicles running great and mechanically they last forever.

Google Review

s t.

New great location. Great service!!

Google Review

J o.

Rocky is amazing, he treats you like Family!!! I Highly recommend Ashbridge Auto Service!!!

Google Review

R o.

I've been taking my vehicles to Rocky for 12 years. Reliable, timely, honest, and affordable service.