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Google Review

S a.

Frank and Ewaan are the best! Great customer service, never delayed, on time, very rare for an auto shop. They've helped me with body work and my car is mint!

Google Review

T r.

Bought a 2013 Ford Police Interceptor with 179km online with the help of the salesman Dimitri . they shipped the unit to Manitoba I picked it up drove it home over 200 km away. It drove like a dream. I will shop with them again.
Thanks For all your help Dimitri. I know how hard you worked to help me and did not go unnoticed.

Google Review

K y.

Great experience purchasing 2013 Ford Taurus from Skyline Motors. Analicia and Dimitri were of great help in my purchase with excellent communications and customer service. The car is fabulous but had one minor issue after I drove off the lot. But they were happy to quickly fix it for me. Buy with trust and confidence from the professionals. I would definitely recommend Skyline Motors . Thanks once again, super happy with my purchase.

Google Review

D a.

These guys are great to deal with!

Fully disclosed everything about vehicle history and prepped it according to our agreement. They had it to the body shop, cleaned up, safetied, licensed and ready in a week! Super nice people, fair pricing, honest service, no pressure kind of place.
The rear sensor system seemed wonky and we booked it back for service, no questions, no fuss, asked it’s being fixed.

BEST dealership experience I’ve ever had.

Thanks for my 2015 Interceptor!

Google Review

C H.

I bought a 2011 Crown Vic. On the way home, I heard a loud clunk in the rear end. When I got home I took the wheels and brakes off and it was the parking brake assambly! Everything was in pieces. The ABS sensor was damaged due to the catastrophic failure of and threw a code. I took the car back to get items fixed the very next day. 4 hours later (seemed excessively long) on way home, ABS light comes on AND when I tried the parking brake it didn't even work. When I scanned the ABS code, it was STILL the driver's side rear ABS speed sensor.

They pretty much did NOTHING to rectify the car's downfalls

Buyer beware!

In response to they're response...

I'm sharing this review 2 years later for anyone that is interested in purchasing a car from Skyline Motors. Regardless of the time frame. I still have this vehicle and never sold it! That is a lie. The pics I've attached are from the night I drove the car home! Regardless if I signed your inspection, I'm not a mechanic. The parking brake obviously was NOT replaced! I did answer any calls because I work during the day and am very busy at night. I've returned your calls and Dimitri was not in.

End of the day, if I could turn back time, I would NOT do business with Skyline Motors

Thanks for reading my review

Google Review

C h.

Bought a 2018 Ducati V4 off these guys. Worked with Dimitri (hope that spelled correctly) great guy to work with. No hassle, easy to get in touch with and answered all my questions. I would recommend these guys, they will take care of you.

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