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Get transparent quotes right away

Compare shops on price, reviews, distance

Compare shops on price, reviews, distance

Compare shops on price, reviews, distance

Easily book a time that works for you

Compare shops on price, reviews, distance

Know that you are being fairly charged for parts

Find a mechanic you can trust

How it Works

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1. Provide your car info and the service you need

Choose from our standard maintenance services or diagnostics

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2. Compare fixed, guaranteed quotes

View shop prices in your area and see how others have reviewed them. No surprises.

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3. Book an appointment right away

The shop will get back to you and confirm the appointment.

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4. Bring your car to the shop for your appointment time

Any added adjustment to the work done will be sent for your approval

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5. Simply drive away… you will automatically be charged.

We want your experience to be seamless and easy

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Compare shops on price, reviews, distance

Get all the information you need to make the right decision for your vehicle’s repair and maintenance in one place. Know exactly how much you should be paying.

Here's what real customers are saying about our mechanics

Matthew Z

Icon Autobody is absolutely the best shop to go to when it comes to autobody repair. They hammer out the job in a short period of time and their prices are very reasonable. These guys take pride in their work and take all the necessary steps to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly with modern techniques and equipment. Take my advice i have already been there twice this year alone!

Google Review

blood soulja

Icon auto has very reasonable prices and they get the job done quick. Satisfied with my fender bender repair from them!

Google Review

Mercedes Somarriba

I can trust Tony and his team to do a great job!

Google Review

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